Things I Love

  • My little Boo, of course.
  • My husband who gave them all to me

Thank you Mr. Bubbas!


4 Years

Happy Anniversary to my husband, partner, lover, and future father of my child.  Obviously you are everything to me!

Sad Weimaraner

Norman is sad because his Dad is not home from work yet…


Valentine’s Gifts

Here is what I got for Sean…


The new O.A.R. CD

…and I got him a shirt that pretty well sums up our relationship.


It is based on this comic from XKCD, which I thought was secretly being written by Sean for the longest time.

Just Sensitive, I Guess

Sean goes to lunch with a few colleagues each Wednesday.   He casually mentioned last night that he told his lunch buddies about my coupon cutting and CVS deal doing.  I was initially mortified.  I thought, what are theses people going to think having never met me and hearing of my fanatical coupon clipping and drugstore dealing?  I imagined them wondering what the hell kind of wife Sean has…

I guess the more I think about it, I think, why should I care?  What difference does it make if his co-workers think I’m nuts?  If it is that bad, then I shouldn’t be doing it.  It is a little like buying condoms – if you are too embarrassed to buy them, then you probably shouldn’t be having sex.

I just hope I don’t bump in to these co-workers at the grocery store, or if I do that I don’t have my coupon basket with me…

I want…

I told Sean what I want for Valentine’s Day.


We don’t normally do gifts, but this itty bitty heart necklace is really, really special and I have been dying for it for a while now.  Guess what he wants – to not have to nag me to work out with him in the evening.  I think I can manage that…

Image from Lisa Leonard Designs – check out her site, her jewelry is lovely!

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