…and now for the fun games!

I wrapped up 3 games in the last 2 weeks, which admittedly makes me feel like a bit of a slouch.  I promise most of my playing time was while rocking the baby to sleep and before bed at night.

Crime Lab: Body of Evidence was really good and pretty long, actually.  If you recall, I got a good deal on it at Game Stop of all places.  I needed a few hints along the way, but overall it was about the right mix of challenging and fun for me.  This, by the way, is usually my biggest complaint about games – sometimes they are painfully hard.  I don’t know about you, but I am not having fun when I am frustrated.

After I wrapped up Crime Lab, I started James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club – Games of Passion.  Is that a long enough name?  Despite the extended moniker, the game was casual, fairly short, and entertaining.  The story was interesting and I am all about what I call “findin’ shit” games. I have had this game for a while, but kept putting it aside in favor of other things.  Now I am sorry I did that because I liked it.  It is based on a series of novels by James Patterson, who basically writes the detective equivalent of romance novels.  Maybe that explains my hesitation…

On Thursday, I took Boo out to run some errands and we found ourselves at Game Stop again (I was hopeful for another good deal) and I found Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace, which has been in my Goozex held list for a while now.  It has been holding at $15-20, so I was waiting for it to drop.  Well, when I spotted it on the shelf at Game Stop for $9.98, I snagged it.  It is also in that category of “findin’ shit”.  The story was pretty light, but the historical information was interesting and the puzzles were fun.


Elementary For Sure

Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy arrived via Goozex earlier in the week and it was not good.  There wasn’t much of a story and there was even less direction.  The graphics were BAD and I just didn’t have the interest to push past the first bit.  Maybe it was because I have other games waiting to be played and sold, but I bailed.

Sold back on Goozex – good luck to the next person.

Game Stop has good deals!?

Who knew, right?  We stopped in to Game Stop yesterday while we were out running other errands and I ended up finding great deals on a few DS games.  I usually end up laughing as I exit Game Stop because their prices, especially for used games, are RIDICULOUS!  Seriously, I very rarely end up buying something there.  We pretty much just use Goozex to acquire games, though I do buy a rare title new if it is a super deal or if it involves a certain Professor Layton.

So, I got Time Hollow which was made by the same people that did Trace Memory (aka Another Code: Two Memories), which I loved.

I have been waiting for this game to match on Goozex FOR-EVA!  I think it is out-of-print, but the price is so low that no one wants to sell (either that or the game is really, really good and people are squirreling it away).  I have also never seen it for sale in a store, new or used, so I was pretty geeked to find it for…wait for it…$8.99 pre-owned.  Since it is going for $12ish on Goozex, that is a mighty good deal, my friends.

So, once I had that in my hot little hands, I kept looking and found Crime Lab: Body of Evidence for $9.99 new.  I had just looked at it at Amazon that morning and it was $19.99, so I knew I had just found another good deal.

I don’t know much about it, so we’ll see how it goes.  It might be a bust like CSI, but it also might be good like Unsolved Crimes.  Either way it has elicited teasing from Sean.  He keeps calling it Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime…

Docomodake = Fun!

I just finished Docomodake this morning.  I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it.  Why can’t more games be fun, cute, challenging, and interesting without being frustratingly hard?  Anyway, once you rescue all the family members (and watch the credits), a bonus level is unlocked – hooray for extra content!  Now the entire Docomodake family can attend the festival together.

It is just too bad this game is kind of obscure because it really is a lot of fun.  Pretty good for a Japanese cell phone company mascot.  Take that Domo-kun!

Now Playing: Boing! Docomodake

I borrowed Boing! Docomodake from some friends and am totally addicted.  You play as a papa mushroom who must rescue the members of his family.  To do so, you must pass through various puzzle-like stages.  There are neat mechanisms in the game like where you break apart in to smaller mushrooms so that you can perform some of the actions to complete the stages.

I am totally hooked on it and wishing I had more time to play…

Fun fact: Docomodake is the mascot for a Japanese cell phone company and is the enemy of Domo-kun.  Seriously!

What makes your garden grow?

I started playing Chibi-Robo on my DS this week.  You play as  a cute little robot whose mission is to revitalize a dying park.  You have to plant flowers, keep them watered, and repair various things around the park in order to attract more visitors.  It is fun so far, but a little repetitive.  I am not very far in to the game, so I am not ready to impart a final verdict yet.  All I can say for sure is that the voice of the French marionette is annoying at best.

DS_Chib Robo Park Patrol_Packaging copy

Now Playing…

A good deal popped up on the release date of Scribblenauts, so I actually purchased it new at a store – GASP!  I know!

Toys R’ Us was offering a $15 gift card with the purchase of Scribblenauts for $29.99 on the Tuesday it was released.  That seemed like a pretty good deal to me considering I intended to sell it on Goozex when I was finished.  I went over there on my lunch break and made the purchase.  I actually bought two – one for me and one for a co-workers 11-year-old son.  That made me feel a little sheepish…  Anyway, it was a good deal and I had the game on release day (super strange for me).

I have been playing it for the last week or so and the verdict is that it is okay.  The idea is neat and the puzzles are generally fun, but the physics are retarded.  The little dude, Max, is driven exclusively by the stylus and his movements are super awkward and stilted.  I struggled to get him up on a ledge for what seemed like minutes while he just dry-humped the side.  I eventually summoned wings and flew over just to keep things moving – sheesh!

The thing I don’t get is the strategy guide that is also for sale for the game.  I thought the point was that there was no right answer and it was all down to imagination, but I guess I must be wrong…

All in all, it is a fun game that I plan to finish, but it does not make my top 10 list and I will be promptly flipping it (for $37 bitches!) once I have wrung all the fun out of it.


I met Cthulu and I lived to tell the tale…

It made me cry…

So I bought and played the new Professor Layton game – The Diabolical Box and it was great!  If you are a fan of the first game, you will like this one as well since the play style is very similar and the story is very well written.  Some of the puzzles were pretty hard and I had to get some help online, but otherwise I liked the challenge.  Some added elements made the game a little more interesting.  The hamster training was a little random, but still fun and the tea brewing side game was neat and better integrated to the story.  I really liked the camera assembly since it added side games similar to Mystery Case Files where you identify differences in two photos.  Regarding the crying, it might be down to hormones, but I thought the story was really well constructed and the theme of love lost was well played out.  The closure at the end of the game really did bring me to tears.  “I love someone else who needs me even more than you do”  – that line just did me in.  Sniff, sniff…



I haven’t been playing Animal Crossing lately.  In fact, I haven’t even turned on my DS in over 2 weeks now.  GASP!  It has just been so crazy lately with the house being in chaos and Sean being out of town, heck, I didn’t even live in my own house all last week.  Whew!  I can’t wait until the house is put back together and I can sit in my nice newly painted and floored living room and play.  I am little scared to visit Caketown, though, in case my animals have forgotten me.  😦

At least weeding in AC is better than weeding my real yard…


Animal Crossing Papercrafts

I found this really cool paper model of an Animal Crossing character and had to share it.  How cute it this?


I found it at Papercraft World, which includes really neat papercraft projects.

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