Baby Wearing

Today at the produce market, while I had Drew in the Ergo on my back, an African nun approached me and asked if I was from here.  I said I grew up in the area, yes.  She told me that the way I was carrying Drew was the traditional way in Africa and that she was surprised to see it here.  I told her that it was very convenient at times to carry him that way and that I liked it.  She walked away from our exchange smiling.  

I thought about it on the drive home a bit more.  When I have worn a baby carrier in the Ann Arbor area, I barely get a passing glance, but when I have worn one outside of Ann Arbor, in Canton for instance, I get lots of looks.  Most people smile, but all of them seem a bit surprised to see someone carrying a baby that way.  It is strange that being one county over can make such a big difference.



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