Feeding Kids

I am guilty of getting in to a rut with food, which means that Liam is in a rut too.  I am going to try to make an effort to branch out a bit and eat different things – and offer different things to him.  I am also not going to ask him what he wants for lunch each day lest we eat nothing but tuna and Kraft.

I used to be great at making all kinds of different things for us to eat for breakfast and lunch, but when I was pregnant with Drew (and super sick), I resorted to the same old comfort foods.  Macaroni & cheese and hot dogs took over and now that is all Liam wants.  Now that Drew is eating what we eat I am starting to get more conscious again.  I need to step it up!

I found this cute blog by a young girl in Scotland who posts picture and descriptions of her school lunch each day.  She also takes submissions from other kids around the world and posts them as well.  I am getting some inspiration and motivation from Weelicious as well.

Part of what helps me is a meal plan (which I have blogged about before).  I am hereby getting back to that and making an effort to present healthier and more balanced meals to the boys.  I have the opportunity to shape their lifelong outlook on food and eating and I don’t want to squander it.


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