Clean Freak?

So, I cleaned out the garage today and after someone stopped and asked if we were having a garage sale, it occurred to me that I may be a bit strange.  I assumed most people emptied their garages, swept/hosed them out and then put everything back.  That seems normal to me.  Apparently that is not normal, as my mother-in-law and I are the only people I know who do that with any regularity.  I do it at least once a year, by the way.  I do regular sweeping in between, but the full clean out really makes a difference.  At a certain point, I can’t deal with all the spider webs anymore.  

We had a garage growing up, but it was basically used as a large storage shed.  I never saw a car in it at all.  When we bought our house, I had never pulled a car in to a garage before.  It just seemed sensible to me to keep it clean like the rest of the house…

I guess I just like it clean and I plan to continue my strange practice.  I secretly covet one of those pristine garages with all the pegboards and coated floor.  Oh, I totally want one of those coated floors – so cool!  Maybe in the next house…



Baby Wearing

Today at the produce market, while I had Drew in the Ergo on my back, an African nun approached me and asked if I was from here.  I said I grew up in the area, yes.  She told me that the way I was carrying Drew was the traditional way in Africa and that she was surprised to see it here.  I told her that it was very convenient at times to carry him that way and that I liked it.  She walked away from our exchange smiling.  

I thought about it on the drive home a bit more.  When I have worn a baby carrier in the Ann Arbor area, I barely get a passing glance, but when I have worn one outside of Ann Arbor, in Canton for instance, I get lots of looks.  Most people smile, but all of them seem a bit surprised to see someone carrying a baby that way.  It is strange that being one county over can make such a big difference.



I have been loving Inspector Lewis lately. I really like Laurence Fox’s somewhat troubled and totally dry sergeant character. I also love the Oxford backdrop. I am thinking about reading the Inspector Morse novels that inspired the show. I guess I need to find out if they have them at the library.
I also watched a pretty good movie last night. It was called Housewife, 49. It was a pretty interesting portrayal of a socially deprived housewife during WWII. It was based on the diaries of a real woman. I just haven’t seen a period war-time portrayal of a such a mundane character before. Maybe that is why I liked it so much.

Feeding Kids

I am guilty of getting in to a rut with food, which means that Liam is in a rut too.  I am going to try to make an effort to branch out a bit and eat different things – and offer different things to him.  I am also not going to ask him what he wants for lunch each day lest we eat nothing but tuna and Kraft.

I used to be great at making all kinds of different things for us to eat for breakfast and lunch, but when I was pregnant with Drew (and super sick), I resorted to the same old comfort foods.  Macaroni & cheese and hot dogs took over and now that is all Liam wants.  Now that Drew is eating what we eat I am starting to get more conscious again.  I need to step it up!

I found this cute blog by a young girl in Scotland who posts picture and descriptions of her school lunch each day.  She also takes submissions from other kids around the world and posts them as well.  I am getting some inspiration and motivation from Weelicious as well.

Part of what helps me is a meal plan (which I have blogged about before).  I am hereby getting back to that and making an effort to present healthier and more balanced meals to the boys.  I have the opportunity to shape their lifelong outlook on food and eating and I don’t want to squander it.

New Theme

I am trying out a new theme. I needed to dust things off a bit around here. I am not sure this will stick, but I have been thinking of giving it another try lately. Maybe I have some things I want to get off my chest.


I am torn between Chrome and Opera.  I love the Chrome Auto-fill feature since I fill out so many forms to get free samples and coupons online.  I also love that it doesn’t switch to the new tab IMMEDIATELY!  Maybe I just have strange internet browsing habits, but I want to open links in new tabs for reading LATER!


But, I like that Opera seems to run a bit faster and not make my netbook freeze up.  I can’t live without some kind of ad-blocking add-on and I couldn’t find one for Opera.

I am not sure what to do.  Maybe I should just give up and use IE.  BLASPHEMY

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