I don’t have just one thing on my mind right now that is deserving of a whole post, so this will be a bulleted list.

  • I called the police about a loose Pug in our neighborhood this week – the thing is always running around loose when I am outside with Boo and it drives me crazy.  The owners don’t seem to care that he is running loose all the time – super annoying!
  • Boo and I had a crummy day today.  I wasn’t feeling well and had no energy and he was crabby because of a short nap.  It didn’t help that we ended up staying home all day.  It is really hard to keep him entertained in the house all day when I have no energy.
  • I am rethinking my grocery shopping habits.  I am no longer of the opinion that Wal-Mart is by far the cheapest place to shop for groceries.  I intend to put a bit more time in to get the most out of the Kroger sales and coupon matchups.
  • I started shopping at Rite-Aid for deals in addition to CVS.  CVS is still the best for deals, etc, but Rite Aid is looking pretty good lately too.  I need to reaquaint my self with their programs before I really get going.  Walgreens still doesn’t have very good deals and their programs are annoying.
  • I took Boo in for studio photos today and the whole experience was better than I imagined.  I had been dreading it for some reason and had never take him in before now.  It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and the pictures actually looked pretty good (on the screen).  The grandparents should be happy…
  • I am really excited about lunch at Taco Bell tomorrow – they have a special on Crunch Wraps – .88 cents!  Booyah!  I loves me some Taco Bell and it is even better when there is a sale involved.  Is is just me or is Baja Blast the best pop EVER!  I don’t even like Mountain Dew, but I LOVE Baja Blast.

That is all that is about all I can think of right now.  My brain is totally fried – toddlers do that to you…



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