I recently found a few new deal sites that I really like.  I am a total deal hound, so I thought I knew what all was out there – apparently not!  Southern Savers is a great deal site!  I just discovered it last week and it is now my go-to site for the weekly CVS deals.  Even though it is more of a regional deal site, I really like the format of the store deal posts.

There is a check box next to each item and then the associated coupons are  listed below each item.  You can just select the items you intend to buy and then print the list and pull out your coupons – so easy!  I have been using other sites that post all the same deals, but don’t have the same format of an easily printable list.

The other site I have been frequenting is Hip 2 Save.  The thing I like best about this site, as far as deal sites go, is that it is super current and has deals from other stores that a lot of other sites ignore.  I love drugstore deals as much as the next person, but I like to see other deals from higher end stores sometimes too.  She updates a lot, so you have to refresh often throughout the day to get really good deals.

My old standbys are still Money Saving Mom and Common Sense with Money, though I haven’t checked the latter in a while.  I love MSM for her personal accounts, videos, and recipes.  That leads to another post, because her recipes have led me to purchase a bread machine.


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