Great Game – Bad Ending

I procured Dream Chronicles at Game Stop last week and just finished it this afternoon.  I really, really liked the game.  The overall story was very interesting and the visual styling was excellent (especially for a DS game).  The game play was interesting and unique as well.  There were puzzles and elements of what I call “findin’ shit”.

When I say that the game play was unique, I don’t mean that hidden item games are unique, because they aren’t.  What I mean is that this game pulls it off very well unlike games where you are finding totally random items in a crazy-ass picture that has nothing to do with the story or characters in the game.  Like go find a fish, a bucket, a pencil, and a fan in this picture of a garden in order to progress the plot of a detective/mystery game.  You get what I’m sayin’?

I was a bit disappointed by the ending, though.  It was really built up in the story and I was really hoping for a happy ending based on all the character has to go through, but that was not the case.  Not only was it not the happy ending I was hoping for, but it was a quick cliff hanger with no further explanation or even a teaser of more to come.  They just ended things abruptly and rolled the credits.

I guess since I enjoyed all but the last 20 seconds of the game, it was a good experience overall.


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