Game Stop has good deals!?

Who knew, right?  We stopped in to Game Stop yesterday while we were out running other errands and I ended up finding great deals on a few DS games.  I usually end up laughing as I exit Game Stop because their prices, especially for used games, are RIDICULOUS!  Seriously, I very rarely end up buying something there.  We pretty much just use Goozex to acquire games, though I do buy a rare title new if it is a super deal or if it involves a certain Professor Layton.

So, I got Time Hollow which was made by the same people that did Trace Memory (aka Another Code: Two Memories), which I loved.

I have been waiting for this game to match on Goozex FOR-EVA!  I think it is out-of-print, but the price is so low that no one wants to sell (either that or the game is really, really good and people are squirreling it away).  I have also never seen it for sale in a store, new or used, so I was pretty geeked to find it for…wait for it…$8.99 pre-owned.  Since it is going for $12ish on Goozex, that is a mighty good deal, my friends.

So, once I had that in my hot little hands, I kept looking and found Crime Lab: Body of Evidence for $9.99 new.  I had just looked at it at Amazon that morning and it was $19.99, so I knew I had just found another good deal.

I don’t know much about it, so we’ll see how it goes.  It might be a bust like CSI, but it also might be good like Unsolved Crimes.  Either way it has elicited teasing from Sean.  He keeps calling it Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime…


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