Monkey Conspiracy

We go to the thrift store at least a few times a month.  I get most of Boo’s clothes there and also manage to scare up other things as well.  Sometimes I find a ton of stuff and sometimes we just walk out with a few things.  My favorite are the post-holiday sales where all the clothing is 50% off.  Sean teases me about how excited I am when the thrift store is half off – MY FAVES!

So now that Boo is older and can ride in the cart seat, he likes to point at things and even grab stuff sometimes.  The thrift store we currently frequent has shelves on top of the clothing racks where toys and stuffed animals sit.  I am not exaggerating when I say that Boo manages to find a monkey almost every time we go.  Not just any stuffed animal or toy, a monkey specifically.  This kid is really in to monkeys. How he manages to spot a monkey in a big heap of toys and stuffed animals is beyond me.

The good part is that since it is a thrift store, they never cost more than a few bucks.  That is extra good because I am really not interested in prying a plush monkey out of a screaming child’s hands.  We went yesterday and he found this guy, which he clutched the entire way through the store.

I should mention that since I am a bit of a clean freak, the stuff we bring home from the thrift store always gets a good scrub.  In the case of stuffed animals, however, it is more of an individual thing.  Boo tends to like Beanie Babies and since the crazy from the 90’s is pretty much over, the thrift store is chock full of them (at 50 cents a piece I might add).  Beanie Babies are SUPER easy to wash in the washing machine (no dryer).  Because they are more beans than stuffing, they dry out fast and the fur stays soft.  Some of the ones we come home with still have tags and if the tags are in good shape, then I assume they were just on display and I don’t always wash them.  My sister is gagging right now because she is UBER worried about bed bugs.  I am less so, I guess.

Here is our complete collection…

He was screaming at me while I took this picture because he wanted the monkeys.  Boo hoo.


One thought on “Monkey Conspiracy

  1. I’m not “UBER worried”, I just know that there is a bedbug epidemic going on right now, and I also know how miserable you would be if your house became infested. Listen to your sister!

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