Toy Obsession – Playmobil

In order to help illustrate the appropriateness of the title of this blog, I will reveal to you my latest obsession…Playmobil.  That is right, my obsessions now extend to stuff for the kiddo.  We were gifted a Playmobil nativity set for Christmas.

It isn’t really our thing, religion and all, but I thought it was really cute and well made.  Boo really liked carrying around the people and animals from the set.

I checked out their website and found that they sell a ton of neat play sets.  They have pretty much every theme you can imagine from real life to fantasy.  The little people are super cute and their faces were actually designed to look like a child’s drawing – neat.  (Yes, I got that tidbit from Wikipedia)

Sean and I talked at length about toys for Boo going forward, partly because I didn’t understand boys toys (bad guys are coolest apparently) and partly because I get carried away at garage sales sometimes and come home with crap.  We made the decision to purchase some Playmobil for future birthday and Christmas gifts since I found a site with an excellent sale (40% + free shipping).  Playmobil is kind of pricey, but about on par with LEGO.  We also decided that, going forward, we would rather have fewer toys, but have them be higher quality.

So, are you wondering which theme we got him?  PIRATES!  …and GHOST PIRATES! (because you have to have good and evil so they can fight – news to me…)

So after we decided on Pirates, I found a cute mermaid set on clearance.  Don’t the Pirates need a damsel to rescue?  I got “the look”.  LAME!

I am sticking to my guns, though, because we might get a girl next time.  Even if we don’t, I have to represent too, right?


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