Learning Tower Love

I love our Learning Tower!  Pretty much every other baby gear item has annoyed me in some way and I can’t wait to be done with all of it.  The Learning Tower is great, though, and we couldn’t wait to get it.  Boo loves to see what we are doing/working on and was not happy to play with toys on the kitchen floor while I was cooking.  Since so much of my day is spent in the kitchen, it made sense to invest in something that would allow him to participate and me to cook without hearing whining.  We actually asked for it for his birthday and my parents got it for him – thanks!

I originally saw it here and thought it looked like a neat contraption, but I didn’t have a kid at the time, so I didn’t really “get it”.  I totally see the value now because Boo can see what it going on in the kitchen and while he can’t really help much yet, he does like to splash in the sink and dig in the drawers.  I would much rather have him participate in what I am doing, when possible, and learn about food/cooking than be on the floor just wondering what I am up to all the time.

Hot Tip: Costco currently has the best deal on these suckers – they are not cheap.  It killed me that this thing cost so much since I am the queen of getting things used and/or cheap, but I scoured Craigslist and they disappeared in record time if they were under $100, so it didn’t seem realistic to get a used one.  Also, I figured that we will get daily use out of it for our kid(s) and then sell it later to recoup some cash.


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