Guilty Pleasures and Lost Symbols

Dan Brown books are a guilt pleasure of mine and I recently finished Lost Symbol.  I fully realize that Dan Brown books are the literary equivalent of fast food, but damn if they aren’t super entertaining and fast reads.  My husband just rolled his eyes in disgust when I came home from the library with it.  At least I didn’t directly pay for it – that has to count for something right?

Anyway, I thought it was good, but it didn’t feel as researched as his earlier books.  Let me back up and say that it is still chock full of interesting facts regarding Freemasonry and the DC area, but I didn’t feel like I learned as much as with some of his other books.  For example, I learned the entire process of papal election from Angels & Demons – very interesting.

I did just watch a documentary on Freemasonry via Netflix, so maybe that is why I felt like I didn’t gain as much new knowledge as I had previously.  Though, it is worth acknowledging that most of the recent Masonry documentary releases are due to the popularity of Dan Brown’s books.  He definitely spurns this country’s interest in conspiracy – there are worse things I suppose.


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