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A good deal popped up on the release date of Scribblenauts, so I actually purchased it new at a store – GASP!  I know!

Toys R’ Us was offering a $15 gift card with the purchase of Scribblenauts for $29.99 on the Tuesday it was released.  That seemed like a pretty good deal to me considering I intended to sell it on Goozex when I was finished.  I went over there on my lunch break and made the purchase.  I actually bought two – one for me and one for a co-workers 11-year-old son.  That made me feel a little sheepish…  Anyway, it was a good deal and I had the game on release day (super strange for me).

I have been playing it for the last week or so and the verdict is that it is okay.  The idea is neat and the puzzles are generally fun, but the physics are retarded.  The little dude, Max, is driven exclusively by the stylus and his movements are super awkward and stilted.  I struggled to get him up on a ledge for what seemed like minutes while he just dry-humped the side.  I eventually summoned wings and flew over just to keep things moving – sheesh!

The thing I don’t get is the strategy guide that is also for sale for the game.  I thought the point was that there was no right answer and it was all down to imagination, but I guess I must be wrong…

All in all, it is a fun game that I plan to finish, but it does not make my top 10 list and I will be promptly flipping it (for $37 bitches!) once I have wrung all the fun out of it.


I met Cthulu and I lived to tell the tale…


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