$200 later…

…I have a new camera!  As I posted previously, I have been hunting for a good camera to replace my dying 5-year old digital camera before the baby arrives.  I first noticed that my old camera was giving up the ship when we were on vacation earlier this summer.  It seemed like every other picture I took would be distorted and strange.  It was far too old and outdated to bother trying to repair, so I started researching digital cameras.  A lot has changed since I bought mine years ago!  I was way behind the curve!  I narrowed it down to 2 models and then price-watched them using Google Shopping.  I was leaning towards the more powerful one, even though there was a definite trade off in size.  When the price of it dropped to $200 on Newegg, a reputable site that we like to order from anyway, I knew it was the right time.  I wanted to have it in enough time that I could learn how to use it before the baby came and the picture-taking marathon began.


It turns out, I chose well.  I have been very happy with the camera and have pretty much learned the features I will use.  The size trade-off between it and a regular point-and-shoot will not be too big of a deal.  It doesn’t fit in my pocket, but I never really put my older, smaller camera in my pocket anyway.  The extra zoom will be really nice with the baby and it is still smaller than a DSLR.

It seems to me that this type of hybrid camera will be really popular.  The mix of advanced features, and lower price appeals to me – I wanted a step above the normal point-and-shoot models, but I am not a professional photographer and I don’t have a $600 budget…


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