New Professor Layton: Inbound

I succumbed to the pressure and pre-ordered a video game.  I know!  I never pre-order games and I very, very rarely pay full, initial release price for a game (hell, I don’t even buy new games most of the time).  I made an exception for this


I am wringing my hands with excitement!


Camera Shopping

After much research and technical reading, I have narrowed it down to two different cameras.  Whichever one I can find a better deal on will be the chosen one.

I like this one because it is small, has a wide angle feature, and because the ISO can be cranked way up – hooray!


I like this one because it has HUGE ZOOM, a wide angle feature, and it looks bad ass (bad ass – translated: like I might know what I am doing).


They are both way better than any camera I have ever owned, so I am excited either way.  Let the deal stalking commence!

New Blog I Like

I am reading the blog over at Urban Grace these days.  She is a designer and she’s also pregnant.

In other news, I am stumped about what to put on the walls in the nursery.  I am leaning toward the LACK shelf in white so that I can change out the display and not have it look too babyish in a few years.  I also found some super cute vintage Miller chalkware fish at the thrift store that should work, but I need something else.

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