Nursery Lamp

While browsing the IKEA site in preparation for my trip last night, I found this super cool lamp that is perfect for the nursery.

I originally fell in love with this lamp in orange, but couldn’t really think of a good place to put it.  At the time I first admired it, I had no idea it had a dimmer feature.


Fast forward to yesterday when I am browsing through the lamps looking for ones with a dimmer function for the nursery.  Come to find out, this lamp which I have always loved has a dimmer and it is the cheapest lamp ($30) IKEA sells with a dimmer – bonus!  Well that sealed the deal except that I decided the striped version would work better in the nursery since I want all the injection of color I can get.


It is actually a pretty sizable table lamp, which is good because it fits really well on top of the white Lack side table I picked up last night.  This lamp uses 2 40w bulbs so at its brightest it can light the room, but you can dial the light down very easily with the dial dimmer switch – perfecto!


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