Speaking of my IKEA trip last night, here is the rest of what I got…

The footstool to match our Poangs.  I think it will make nursing much more comfortable to be able to put my feet up.

46203_PE142944_S3The new cushion for our existing Poang chair in Vena Blue


…and the white Lack side table for next to the chair

22519_PE107398_S3I put everything together last night and it looks great!  I was so excited to get this stuff in there that I barely remembered to feed the dog dinner when I get home.  I can’t wait to show Sean when he gets home!

I also picked up a package of terry bibs with Velcro and a cute little pack of sand toys.

I really, really wanted to just pick up the dresser while I was there, but it was way to heavy for me to manage on my own and I knew Sean would kill me if I lifted something that heavy.  Oh well, I could stand another IKEA trip soon!


Nursery Lamp

While browsing the IKEA site in preparation for my trip last night, I found this super cool lamp that is perfect for the nursery.

I originally fell in love with this lamp in orange, but couldn’t really think of a good place to put it.  At the time I first admired it, I had no idea it had a dimmer feature.


Fast forward to yesterday when I am browsing through the lamps looking for ones with a dimmer function for the nursery.  Come to find out, this lamp which I have always loved has a dimmer and it is the cheapest lamp ($30) IKEA sells with a dimmer – bonus!  Well that sealed the deal except that I decided the striped version would work better in the nursery since I want all the injection of color I can get.


It is actually a pretty sizable table lamp, which is good because it fits really well on top of the white Lack side table I picked up last night.  This lamp uses 2 40w bulbs so at its brightest it can light the room, but you can dial the light down very easily with the dial dimmer switch – perfecto!

Nursery Plan

My mother-in-law painted our nursery and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!  We used SW Gleeful and it is just perfect!  It looks like such a fresh new room now with new carpeting and a fresh coat of cheery paint.


It looks a bit brighter in the room than this swatch looks on my monitor, but you get the idea.  Chartreuse is my favorite color and I knew it would be easy to accesorize with blue or pink, although we are not very gender specific anyway…   The crib and dresser/changing table will be white.  The crib has been a bit of a fiasco, but that is for another post.  For now, though, I will show you the other pieces in my plan.

We will use this dresser with a pad on top for changing.  I think it will be a bit handier and more useful later than a traditional dedicated changing table.


For a nursing chair, I had originally purchased a glider from Craigslist with the intention of recovering it.  The more I think about it, though, the more I think that I could just as easily repurpose a chair from the living room – with a new cushion of course.  I only paid $20 for the glider, so I am certain I can easily re-sell it for at least what I paid if not a little more.


I think the navy will be a nice crisp compliment to the bright green walls and the other white furniture.

I am also eying this side table so that I will have somewhere to put a lamp.

22519_PE107398_S3I would like to keep it simple in the room without a lot of clutter so that there is plenty of free floor space to set up a play mat or to pull out books and toys once the baby is older.

For decoration, I like the idea of these floating shelves for a dynamic display of pictures, stuffed animals, and trinkets.


That is all I have for now – more on the crib later.  Fingers crossed!


I haven’t been playing Animal Crossing lately.  In fact, I haven’t even turned on my DS in over 2 weeks now.  GASP!  It has just been so crazy lately with the house being in chaos and Sean being out of town, heck, I didn’t even live in my own house all last week.  Whew!  I can’t wait until the house is put back together and I can sit in my nice newly painted and floored living room and play.  I am little scared to visit Caketown, though, in case my animals have forgotten me.  😦

At least weeding in AC is better than weeding my real yard…


Back in the Saddle

I haven’t posted here in a while because there has been so much going on lately.  The biggest thing going on right now is that I am pregnant, and due in December.  This news has precipitated lots of projects around the house.  We had been planning to do several more things to the house, but the impending birth has really lit a fire under our bums.

We have replaced the counters in the kitchen and been planning our attack on the horrible flooring throughout the house.  We are also trying to pick out paint colors for most of the house as well.  In addition, I am trying to pull together the last of what I need for the baby/nursery.  Whew!

The flooring issue is partly settled, with carpet being the outstanding issue.  We will be installing wood laminate in the main part of the house ourselves and hiring someone to install new carpet in the bedrooms.  We have also contracted for all of the main part of the house to be painted professionally.

I am really not looking forward to all the upheavel that will be accompanying all of these projects.  We will basically be moving almost every piece of furniture we own (probably several times over) and cleaning like mad in between tile removal and paint.  I just hope we can finish it all by the end of July so I can have plenty of time to set up the nursery.


I can’t wait for the new flooring because it will be so much easier to keep clean.  It drives me nuts to think of just how much dirt and dust just gets trapped by carpet that you can never sufficiently clean.  I do appreciate the softness of carpet and that is why we are replacing it in the bedrooms, but for the main, high-traffic areas, I want a hard surface.

4 Years

Happy Anniversary to my husband, partner, lover, and future father of my child.  Obviously you are everything to me!

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