Down on the Farm

I have a confession to make – I am in love with Bob.


I mean Bob Evans of course!  This is my favorite place to go to eat lately.  I love that it is rarely super crowded when we go (even on a Saturday night), the service is always great, and the food is delicious!

This is Bob – he is my friend now…


I am just kidding about that, he actually died in 2007, but I like him and his idea for home cooked meals in a pleasant setting.  It sounds like a simple thing, but it is so commonly messed up.  Bob was a pretty cool guy too, I found out.  This is from Wikipedia:

Accomplishments and community support

Although Evans retired from the company in 1986, he remained actively involved in his community and numerous causes. Evans encouraged local farmers to use more efficient livestock grazing techniques that are better for the environment.

He also promoted preservation of the wildlife and support groups like the Future Farmers of America4-H. He served for a number of years on the Ohio Board of Regents and was an important figure in the founding of the Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education in Portsmouth, Ohio. (FFA) and

Bob was quite a guy in addition to creating a successful restaurant franchise.  I will toast him with my Arnold Palmer tomorrow evening when I head there for dinner.


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