Who knew?

Mayor Tortimer is a pervert.  Let’s just say you shouldn’t be giving him photos of yourself.  That is apparently a real concern in St. Louis.


According to Andy Anderson of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, “I cannot come up with any legitimate reason that an adult would be playing that particular game.”  He is talking about Animal Crossing.  Because surely a game where you plant flowers, harvest fruit, and make friends with little animals in an effort to obtain their photgraph to put in your little decorated house must be the root of child sex predation (is that a word?).  What a moron!

Is it because there is an online component where you just might meet up with someone over the age of 18, like me perhaps who is 27…?  That might be a real danger if you didn’t have to expressly permit a WiFi visit by exchanging friend codes with another player.  Oh right, that is totally different than exchanging cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses with another person child predator.  Since stuff like “sexting” is commonplace in middle schools across this country, I really think a game like Animal Crossing is the least of their problems.  By the way, I wish I had coined term “sexting” because it is brilliant!


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