Wendell Wednesday

Wendell the walrus finally came to my town today and was starving, but I stupidly gave him a peach to eat thinking that would tide him over while I ran home to get a red turnip (which I have been saving) to feed him. It turns out that you only get to feed him once. Where’s the gluttony in that? Oh well, I will just have to catch him next time and give him the dang red turnip right away. Live and learn…


From what I have read online, if you give Wendell a red turnip to begin with (unlike some noobs who will remain nameless) he will give you a special gift that you can then in turn give to another special visitor to eventually get the friggin Golden Axe – it will take a while.  Maybe I will have that damn Golden Axe by the time I turn 30 – here’s hopin’…


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