Spreading the Good Word

I feel like a missionary, or maybe a drug dealer.  I just delivered Animal Crossing to my sister who got her brand spankin’ new DS in the mail yesterday.  She got a pink one too, that punk.  After she made fun of me…

She has been busy with Brain Age 2 and Touch Detective 2 1/2 (yea Funghi!) so far, but I am sure she will have her town set up yet tonight.  Animal Crossing brings families together.  There’s a joke in there somewhere – something about the family that games together…

I am excited for my sister to play Animal Crossing, and not just because she will be another WiFi friend.  I have had a lot of fun with AC and I am excited to share it with other people.  As I have talked about before (many times), the animals can be very loveable and they feel like real little friends.  I visit my town each day and talk to all of my animals.  I know what kinds of things they want, what other animals they get along with, and what they like to do.

It is an interesting dynamic when compared to real life relationships.  I genuinely care about my town and my little animals, which is probably why I have been resistant to time traveling in the game.  Adjusting the DS system clock, and as a result the time in the game, can wreak havoc in your town.  Weeds will appear all over the town, flowers will die, and the town residents will be very lonely and upset at the derelict condition of the town.  I would never do that to my little animals because their AI is so endearing.  That AI is one of the main reasons I love Animal Crossing so much.  It is designed to suck you in, so that you want to keep coming back to play each day.

Welcome to Animal Crossing, sis.  I hope I haven’t created a monster…



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