Just in Case

As you may know, I love cute stuff.  And you may also know that I love my DS.  This natural progression has led to some cute purchases relating to my beloved DS.  The first of which was this case:


I love that it doesn’t look like a game case.  It just looks all natural and organic, basically the opposite of the DS itself.  It is a nice case too, except that it doesn’t hold many games and it doesn’t accommodate my next two DS-related purchases…

The first of which you might have caught here.


Yup – that is an Animal Crossing charm on my DS.  It is Mable from the Able Sisters store.  It also has a screen cleaning pad in the form of the AC leaf logo.

I also got an Animal Crossing stylus with a Snowman on top – cute!  It is getting a bit out of season for my little snowman, though, so another visit to Wizzywigs may be in order.


Then one day, while perusing Etsy for Amy Butler fabric, I found this super cute handmade DS case:


I love lime green, so it was an easy choice, plus it holds tons of games, my snowman stylus, and has room for my Mable charm – perfect!

But for a true DS nut, perfect is just not enough – I wanted more!  I found this case on sale at Target and had to have it.  It is like a mini-me of my first case.  Cute!  It is very simple and basically just holds the DS plus an extra game in the small front pocket.  Since I am only playing AC plus one other game at a time, this is a really nice solution.  The front pocket also conveniently fits my AC stylus.



I like to think of my many cases as outfits for my DS.  I wouldn’t want to wear the sames clothes every day…


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