Sexy Music

Due in part, I am sure, to my ever expanding fascination with the UK, I am loving lots of British artists.

Paolo Nutini is so different.  For one, he is an Italian Scotsman – go figure.  His raspy voice and hopeful love songs just transport me to moments in my past.  I have to avoid listening to him at work because I just lose focus.  So great…


My other current love is Duffy.  She has so much soul!  When I first heard her on the radio, I have to admit that I pictured someone completely different.  Her music reminds me of the Motown my mom always loved.  It brings fond memories.


Then there is Jamie.  I was hooked the moment I heard “All at Sea” on the radio driving home from somewhere at night.  His voice and moody piano playing makes me think of cloudy English skis and drizzly, gray afternoons.  It is great staying-home-on-a-rainy-day music.  He does great covers too!  My personal favorite is “Frontin'” by Pharell – so unexpected…



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