I have posted about her before, but for the newly initiated, Daisy is my favorite animal in Caketown.  She is sweet, friendly, and has lived in my town since I started playing.  She has packed up to move away a few times now, but I always  convince her to stay because I like her so much.

In AC, the little animals that live in your town frequently give you gifts, sometimes they even give you their picture.  You know that an animal really likes you when they give you their picture to put in your house.  I have pretty much all the pictures for the animals that live in my town.  I take good care of my animals and give them what they want, so usually they give me their picture shortly after they come to Caketown.  Daisy, however, was holding out on me.  I sent her tons of letters and presents and gave her everything she wanted, but I still didn’t get her picture.  It probably sounds stupid, but I was really bummed that she hadn’t given it to me.  So imagine my excitment when she fainlly gave me her picture today.  Best day ever!

Not long after I started playing, I noticed that some of the animals are very sweet and kind, but others are aloof and can be passive aggressive.  I had one little squirrel, Nibbles, living in my town for a while and when she announced she was moving I wasn’t upset at all.  I wouldn’t be heartbroken if my other little squirrel, Blaire, moved along soon either.  What is it with bitchy little squirrels?



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