Turnip Arbitrage

I am making a killing on the turnip market in Animal Crossing.  Forget seashells and fruit – the real money is in turnips!  Every Sunday morning Joan shows up in my town (and every other town in the Animal Crossing universe).  She wanders around with a backpack full of turnips and will explain the inner workings of the turnip trade if prompted.  You can buy two types of turnips from Joan: white and red.

The white turnips are sold as is, you must store them in your pocket or in your house and sell them to Tom Nook to make money.  One catch is that Tom Nook’s offer price fluctuates every day, and sometimes within the same day.  The other catch is that the turnip will rot if not sold within a week.  Fear not, however, because there is a trick to get around the second catch.  You cannot store turnips in your furniture (like a chest of drawers) and you cannot just place them up on a table, so the next logical place is on the ground which will make your turnips expire in one weeks time.  Here’s where the trick comes in – walk up to a table in your house (if you don’t have a table, get one!) and drop something on the floor (a fishing pole works well), then drop the turnip and it should land on top of the table.  You will be able to store a white turnip up on top of a table indefinitely.

Now for red turnips, these are a bit different because they are more work to keep alive, but consequently have a much higher and virtually risk-free return.  Joan will sell you red turnips in the form of seeds which you must plant and water each day for a whole week.  Listen up –  they must be watered every day!  If you fail to water them for just one day, they will die and you will be out the money you paid.  If you keep your red turnips watered, you can dig them up at the end of the week, I usually dig up mine the following Saturday, and sell them to Tom Nook for 16,000 bells.  Considering you will only pay Joan 1,000 bells for red turnip seeds, that is a pretty hefty profit, but you have to tend them daily.  Obviously I don’t have a problem with that since AC is like crack to me, but some might struggle to remember.  Red turnips, like white ones, can also be stored in your house on a table using the same trick.  It is worthwhile to save at least one red turnip for when Wendell visits your town – he will want one.  I will post about Wendell once he finally shows up in my dag gum town!



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