I have been remiss…

I have purposely avoided talking about the DSi on this blog so far.  I would be lying if I said I don’t want one – I just plan to wait until they bring the colors!  As a side note, Nintendo released a lime green (my fav color) DS Lite in Europe and I am more than a little disappointed that it never made its way here.  Don’t get me wrong, I would climb over Sean to save my little pink companion, I just loves me some lime green!  Anyway, there is some promising news about DSi potentially coming out in a limish tone


…to which I reply: BRING IT!

The DSi looks slick with its cameras and slightly enlarged screens, but since I just got my DS Lite in November and haven’t had any problems with it, I can wait a while for the lime green model to come to fruition (a price drop wouldn’t hurt this frugal gamer either).

In other DS news – worldwide sales have now broken 100 million.  That is far more than Doctor Evil initially anticipated…


This figure includes all DS models.  This quote from Kotaku should help put it all in perspective: “It took the DS about two and a half years to hit the 50 million mark. The Playstation Portable hit the 50 million mark last month, or about four years after its release in North America.”


4 thoughts on “I have been remiss…

  1. i got a hot pink one for christmas…woulda perfered black…cant wait to play i heard they rly awesom

  2. i have a pink wone the…color DOESNT MATTER TO ME….skins dont cost alot:]p.s thee lime qreen DSi is awsum thoo

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