I cannot tell a lie…

Not all of the games I play are good.  In fact, there have been a few games lately which I did not finish (blasphemy, I know).  I played them a bit, but then determined that it was not worthwhile to finish them since I was either frustrated or just plain not having fun.  I sold them back on Goozex and moved on with my life.

One was Cooking Mama.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t fun.  The crazy flame-eyed look I got  from Mama when I failed to chop the vegetables correctly didn’t help either…  The game just didn’t seem to have a point – you just follow the instructions to make various recipes while employing violent slashing movements across the screen with the stylus (this problem cropped up with the next game too, so standby).  The slashing movements become violent because you are ruthlessly timed at each step.  In short, Mama is crazy and the game should be called Nazi Cooking Mama.

Don’t let the sparkly eyes on the cover fool you – she turns evil at the slightest mis-chop…


The other game I abandoned was Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.  I know that I wrote about this game being fun in a prior post, and it was for the first 6 levels, but suddenly it got ridiculously hard for no apparent reason.  After failing one of the operations 10 times, I decided to give it up and admit defeat.  This game requires the same mad touch-screen skills as Cooking Mama and I just could not get my scalpel under control – even after re-calibrating my touch screen several times.  I just couldn’t have the medical board all up in my grill after each operation, now could I?

A new laceration?  But, I just closed him up..?!


I sold it back and am just hoping that the the prequel will be better because it is sitting on my coffee table now…


So, there is is, the truth is out – I am neither doctor nor cook…


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