DS Saves Me Money

I have always been a shopper.  I get it from my mom.  I love nothing more to go browse around Target and check stuff out.  At least until I got my DS…

I still enjoy browsing around stores occasionally, but I haven’t been out nearly as much now that I play my DS most evenings.  This has been a good thing!  We have been working on cutting out extras and saving money for a while now and my DS has really helped with that.  Generally by the time I am leaving work, I am looking forward to going home, changing my clothes, and plopping down on the couch to play a bit before dinner.  I am web and store shopping way less – and it is making a difference!

The fact that I am out shopping less coupled with the fact that I get almost all of my games via Goozex means that it is a relatively cheap hobby overall – and a fun way to help save!


So my DS isn’t exactly Wolf Shirt, but it has helped us save money for sure.


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