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I got Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy via Goozex last week.  Overall it has been fun, despite several glitches in rendering and movement that I have experienced.  I know that the non-handheld consoles do a way better job with this game, but I really love my DS so I just had to play it there.  I am almost finished with Episode VI and I liked everything so far except the level where you have to fly the Millennium Falcon around Hoth – I just had no idea where to go…

I love how the little Lego characters just break apart when they die (no blood).  I also love the little cut scenes where the Lego people act out the story with cute little stilted movements and sounds.  Speaking of sounds, I can’t get enough of the R2 squeal.  I may have driven him off more than a few ledges just to hear the sound.  Bad, I know.

Anyway, even though it didn’t look amazing and there were some goofy rendering issues, I am having fun and that is the real point.  I wonder sometimes when I read game reviews and they hammer on one negative point so much that I begin to think the game must be awful, but really it can be a fun game with just a few flaws.  I think that people sometimes lose sight of the fact that games are supposed to be fun.  With that said, this game is fun (even on DS – SEAN!).



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