Sunshine Buddies

I got my first Sunshine Buddy, or Nohohon, about two years ago.  Here he is on my desk at work:


I first saw Sunshine Buddies at Wizzywig, a local Japanese import store specializing in Kawaii stuff.  I bought a green dancing one because I love chartreuse and he looked so cute swaying back and forth.  I get some strange looks and lots of people at work ask me what he is.  It takes them a moment to notice that he is moving, so that is what people wonder about the most.  Since he is solar powered, he just dances the day away and I have never needed a battery.

When I looked in to Sunshine Buddies online, I found out that they are very popular in Japan.  I guess loads of people keep them on their desk because they are supposed to have a calming effect.  They are also apparently popular in Britain where they are often given as friendship gifts between women.  They can be hard to find in stores here in the US, but they are pretty plentiful online, especially on eBay.  They can be ordered online from Wizzywig as well, but they have a limited selection.

Last Friday, Sean took me to Wizzywig so I could get a few Animal Crossing charms for my DS and I noticed some new Sunshine Buddies while I was there.  I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I got another one as a friend for my green dancing Nohohon.  I thought pink would be a good match…


My new Nohohon is a Goukaku type, which from what I can gather means he is a prayer Nohohon.  Since I don’t know Japanese, this is just what I can glean from a few Google searches.  Yet another situation where I really wish I could read Japanese…  Anyway, I am super happy to have two now and it has really boosted my morale at work.  I think I may be starting a new obsession…


One thought on “Sunshine Buddies

  1. Please, for the love of good taste, don’t start collecting these things like those potato heads. Pez is fun, these are okay in small amounts, but the potato heads are just *not on*.

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