Gaming Girls

I have been reading about games a lot more lately since I got my DS and started playing more regular mainstream games.  I try to watch what new games are coming out in genres I like, etc.  In my searches, I have come across a few sites that I really like and have started to read regularly.  One of them, Gadgets Page, is partly written by a woman and I mostly agree her assessments. 

One article in particular struck me about girls and gaming.  I completely agree with her assessment of what girls want in a video game versus what the gaming industry thinks girls want in a game.  I like to play FPS games occasionally, but only because my husband plays them and they are already purchased and installed.  I doubt I would ever purchase one to play on my own.  I do, however, like games with a story and/or a mystery.  They don’t necessarily have to be cutesy to appeal to me.  I think the industry is on the verge of recognizing this, especially for the handheld console market because I am seeing lots of new releases in more girl-friendly genres.  Note that by girl-friendly releases, I am not just talking about games like Nintendogs.  I have nothing really against Nintendogs, I just don’t like when people assume that that is the only type of game a girl would want to play…on her pink DS.



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