Animal Crossing Papercrafts

I found this really cool paper model of an Animal Crossing character and had to share it.  How cute it this?


I found it at Papercraft World, which includes really neat papercraft projects.


I Caught the Wave

I discovered, quite by accident, the other day that you can wave at your animals from distance to say hello.  They always wave back, or nod.  I read about it a little more online after I figured out what happened and apparently, you can build “brownie points” with your animals this way which brings you closer to obtaining their picture.

I am fiend now and wave at everyone like a freak.  I guess a good thing is easy for me to exploit.


Whole Lotta Shakin’

I like to shake trees as much as the next girl, in Animal Crossing, that is…

I recently discovered that if your town’s gates are open, you can shake the trees ’til your little hearts content without getting stung by bees.  You don’t even have to have a visitor, just a WiFi connection and open gates.  Hooray for AC tricks!


Admission of Guilt

I am totally addicted to this…

..let the jeering commence.

Who knew?

Mayor Tortimer is a pervert.  Let’s just say you shouldn’t be giving him photos of yourself.  That is apparently a real concern in St. Louis.


According to Andy Anderson of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, “I cannot come up with any legitimate reason that an adult would be playing that particular game.”  He is talking about Animal Crossing.  Because surely a game where you plant flowers, harvest fruit, and make friends with little animals in an effort to obtain their photgraph to put in your little decorated house must be the root of child sex predation (is that a word?).  What a moron!

Is it because there is an online component where you just might meet up with someone over the age of 18, like me perhaps who is 27…?  That might be a real danger if you didn’t have to expressly permit a WiFi visit by exchanging friend codes with another player.  Oh right, that is totally different than exchanging cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses with another person child predator.  Since stuff like “sexting” is commonplace in middle schools across this country, I really think a game like Animal Crossing is the least of their problems.  By the way, I wish I had coined term “sexting” because it is brilliant!

Wendell Wednesday

Wendell the walrus finally came to my town today and was starving, but I stupidly gave him a peach to eat thinking that would tide him over while I ran home to get a red turnip (which I have been saving) to feed him. It turns out that you only get to feed him once. Where’s the gluttony in that? Oh well, I will just have to catch him next time and give him the dang red turnip right away. Live and learn…


From what I have read online, if you give Wendell a red turnip to begin with (unlike some noobs who will remain nameless) he will give you a special gift that you can then in turn give to another special visitor to eventually get the friggin Golden Axe – it will take a while.  Maybe I will have that damn Golden Axe by the time I turn 30 – here’s hopin’…

Perfection Attained

I found out this morning that I have a perfect town in Animal Crossing!  I was pretty excited.  That also means that I got the Golden Watering Can this morning as well.  My character did her little happy dance while I did mine…

In order to get the Golden Watering Can, you have to maintain a perfect town for 16 consecutive days.  To be honest, I wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the status of my town.  I would check in occasionally at the town hall to find out what was being said by the residents, but I wasn’t obsessing over it.  I planted trees where I thought they should go and always picked the weeds each day, other than that I just planted flowers where I thought they looked nice and kept them watered.  I wasn’t plotting trees on spreadsheets or monitoring flower growth…

I figured once I filled the museum and got bored with other things, I would really focus in on the perfect town thing, but it turns out I was doing a good job without even knowing it.  Caketown is perfect!

I am more excited about this than I thought I would be, but I guess that in an open-ended game like AC, small milestones can be a big deal.


Funniest site EVER!

I love Horrible Tattoos.  Sean and I have been reading it and laughing our asses off all evening.

Here are a few particularly good highlights:

New England Patriots (I thought is was a Pirate…)

Christopher Walken

Elvis PEZ (I like PEZ, but come on…)

Your Mom

Bad Portrait (one of many, unfortunately)

Misspelling (again, one of many)


Normally I am all about posting pictures on this blog, but these are so bad that I just couldn’t bring myself to show them here amongst all my other cute photos and images.  You will just have to visit the site for yourself to see them in all their glory.  You are welcome.

Spreading the Good Word

I feel like a missionary, or maybe a drug dealer.  I just delivered Animal Crossing to my sister who got her brand spankin’ new DS in the mail yesterday.  She got a pink one too, that punk.  After she made fun of me…

She has been busy with Brain Age 2 and Touch Detective 2 1/2 (yea Funghi!) so far, but I am sure she will have her town set up yet tonight.  Animal Crossing brings families together.  There’s a joke in there somewhere – something about the family that games together…

I am excited for my sister to play Animal Crossing, and not just because she will be another WiFi friend.  I have had a lot of fun with AC and I am excited to share it with other people.  As I have talked about before (many times), the animals can be very loveable and they feel like real little friends.  I visit my town each day and talk to all of my animals.  I know what kinds of things they want, what other animals they get along with, and what they like to do.

It is an interesting dynamic when compared to real life relationships.  I genuinely care about my town and my little animals, which is probably why I have been resistant to time traveling in the game.  Adjusting the DS system clock, and as a result the time in the game, can wreak havoc in your town.  Weeds will appear all over the town, flowers will die, and the town residents will be very lonely and upset at the derelict condition of the town.  I would never do that to my little animals because their AI is so endearing.  That AI is one of the main reasons I love Animal Crossing so much.  It is designed to suck you in, so that you want to keep coming back to play each day.

Welcome to Animal Crossing, sis.  I hope I haven’t created a monster…


It’s about time!

I found a few little friends today.  They are ready for spring too!


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