I’ve been Tagging!

For whatever reason, I never have really used tags on this blog.  It is pretty stupid too because I use them when I read other blogs.  So I went through and tagged all of the posts I have written since I moved to Word Press.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to go back and tag all my Blogger posts yet – maybe someday…

My sister has always harassed me about my poor organization in this respect.  Generally, I am a pretty organized person.  This is a pretty good example.  From time to time, though, I let stuff slide.  One example of that was my Meizu music player.  I used to have tons of music on it, but no grouping or organization at all.  I was just pulling the music on using the “drag and drop” method, but I wasn’t adding info to the music tracks like album, artist, etc. so the songs were all over the place.  I remember my sister wanted to borrow it to pull some songs off, but she ended up giving it right back to me with attitude about the organization.  I kept meaning to fix it…  A quote comes to my mind at this moment, something about good intentions and the path to hell…



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