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I ordered a few new games recently, which is rare for me, but they were the same price or cheaper than Goozex so I thought I would go for it.  Little did I know that several of the games in my queue would be matched in such quick succession.  This windfall has left me with 3 games currently at home and 4 on the way.  I hardly know what to do with myself!  In addition, I am still engrossed in Animal Crossing – I have daily business to attend to if I want my turnips futures to materialize.

Anyway, I got down to business last night and started Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.  The story is a little strange and the nurse has huge…tracks of land, but the game play is awesome.  They even use complex medical terms, so I feel like I am learning something.  Patients are brought in to the OR and you are directed by the nurse to cut, excise, suture, and bandage.  Sometimes you even get to use the defibrillator!  Needless to say I was saying “stat!” to Sean a lot last night.  So far it is a lot of fun, which is good because the original Under the Knife should be arriving in the mail next week.  I just hope my vast medical experience doesn’t artificially inflate my ego.  It would be embarrassing to make a statement at work along the lines of, “Don’t you know that I performed surgery on children in war-torn Africa, I deserve more respect!”



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