Currently loving…

I am lovin’ me some Cetaphil lately.

First the boring storey: I had to replace my daily facial moisturizer recently and the Neutrogena stuff I normally buy was not on sale and I was not feeling it for almost $13.  I looked around the skin care aisle at Target a bit to assess my options.  After reading the labels of a few contenders, I was not satisfied with what I was finding.  I think that what I require is pretty basic – I need SPF, fragrance free, and oil-free/non-greasy.  I also don’t want to pay a fortune.  Is that so much to ask?  Just as I was about to give up and resort to the usual Neutrogena, which is not awful, but could be better, I noticed something different.  Way down near the floor I saw that Cetaphil had an SPF face lotion.  I hadn’t noticed it before (I replace my facial lotion pretty infrequently because I use so little each day).  I took a look at the label and it met all of my requirements – plus it was only $9 instead of the $13 for Neutrogena.  Well I was pretty proud of the deal I scored, but still a little apprehensive about how well is would work.  My skin is super dry right out of the shower and super oily by midday, so I have always struggled to find the right product for my face.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, to find that the Cetaphil lotion goes on very light and soaks in pretty quickly (making it easy to wear under makeup) and it didn’t make my face a greasy mess by the end of the day.  Hooray!


Now for the much more entertaining story: I recently started reading Dooce.  I am not sure if I have just been living under a rock, or what, but I had never seen the site before.  So I have been reading through old posts to sort of get caught up on this site.  So, today while I was reading it at lunch, I came across this post about Cetaphil face wash.  I was chuckling about the ejaculatory comparison when it occurred to me that my beloved Costco had just sent me a coupon book (my faves) and inside said coupon book was one for Cetaphil.  Well I have also been in need of a better face wash.  The L’Oreal stuff we have been using smells too floraly and has been drying out my skin like no-body’s business (it was free, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to pitch it, okay?).  So I chatted Sean and told him I wanted to go to Costco tonight.  This is pretty much how that chat went:

Me: Can we run up to Costco tonight?

Sean: We were just there, what could you possibly need?

Me: Things.

Sean: What things?

Me: Important things.

It ended up that Sean had to work late tonight anyway, so I went up there by myself (which I haven’t done in forever, btw) and got my Cetaphil Semen Face Wash – and you know what, she was right!


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