Just Sensitive, I Guess

Sean goes to lunch with a few colleagues each Wednesday.   He casually mentioned last night that he told his lunch buddies about my coupon cutting and CVS deal doing.  I was initially mortified.  I thought, what are theses people going to think having never met me and hearing of my fanatical coupon clipping and drugstore dealing?  I imagined them wondering what the hell kind of wife Sean has…

I guess the more I think about it, I think, why should I care?  What difference does it make if his co-workers think I’m nuts?  If it is that bad, then I shouldn’t be doing it.  It is a little like buying condoms – if you are too embarrassed to buy them, then you probably shouldn’t be having sex.

I just hope I don’t bump in to these co-workers at the grocery store, or if I do that I don’t have my coupon basket with me…


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