How do you like my DS so far?

For the sake of continuity, I wanted to write about the games I was obsessed with before I got Animal Crossing.

Let me just say first that the DS is my new baby and pretty much goes with me everywhere.  I have been playing it like it’s my job ever since I got it and made Sean start ordering games for me on Goozex.  By the way, it’s pink, but I have managed to refrain from tarting it up like a gay disco with glitter and Hello Kitty stickers.  I am not promising that that will never happen, however.

Anyway, this system has turned me in to a gamer.  In the past I was no more than a gamer’s wife.  I played now and again, always on Sean’s systems and with his games.  I never really got in to anything on my own, though (apart from Katamari).  Once I got my DS, though that all changed.  I discovered kids games.  No one needs to die or have their head ripped off a la God of War to make a good video game – what a revelation!

First I loved Professor Layton and the Curious Village.  In this game, you are charged with tracking down the “Golden Apple”.  The little town is full of strange characters who all ask you to solve riddles.  This was the game I played when I borrowed a DS from our friends to decide if I would really want to buy one or not.  Once I played this game and discovered there were other games like it, this mystery buff was hooked.


Then I loved Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir.  You have to chase a kidnapping suspect around by picking certain items out of crazy pictures to piece together clues.


Then there was Hotel Dusk.  I loved this game!  You play as an edgy ex-cop sent to a remote hotel on business.  You end up getting caught up in a twisting story involving your shady past.  It is a relatively long game, but very good.  It was everything I never thought video games could be.


I liked Hotel Dusk so much that I did a search on the developer (Cing – Engrishy site warning!) to see what other games they had made.  I found out about Trace Memory that way.  Trace Memory has a very unique story about a young girl who is searching for a father she hasn’t seen since she was 3 years old and her mother was murdered.  It is a neat adventure with puzzles very reminiscent of Myst (yea – blast from the past).  I liked the story a lot and it just might be one of my favorite video games EVER!


Okay, so after Trace Memory, I took a little detour and played Touch Detective 2 1/2.  It is a cutesy (your sidekick is a mushroom named Funghi – need I say more?) little detective game in an anime style.  It was fun to run around and solve the little puzzles and talk to all the weird characters in town.  It was relatively short, only taking most of the day to finish.  The kiddiness of it was a nice departure after the darker stories of Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory.


Almost done!  Last week I just finished up Cate West: Vanishing Files.  It just came out, but it was only $20 so I snagged a new copy with a plan to just sell it on Goozex once I was finished (for $25 I might add).  The basic premise is similar to Mystery Case Files.  You have to identify certain items in pictures in order to piece together the clues.  Cate West takes it a bit father though, since you have to also look at two pictures and identify the differences.  It was a fairly short game, but it was fun and interesting.  I think they could have made more of the background story of Cate and her father, but it was entertaining nonetheless.


Okay, that brings us up to speed.  I guess the theme is pretty apparent – I mostly like detective adventure games.  I also play Brain Age and Personal Trainer Cooking, but those are more ongoing things (Read: my Brain Age is 33, so I am not ready to part with the game until I lower it).


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