Saving Money – No Brand Loyalty

One thing about my new coupon shopping kick is that most of my brand loyalties have gone out the window.  I am more interested in saving money than blindly purchasing the same brands over and over again.  There are still a few areas where I am not willing to sacrifice (Q-tip brand only, please), but for the most part, I will try any cheaper option at least once. Sometimes you might go running back to your favorite brand, but other times you might discover a new love…and what is better than new love?

This humorous post touches a bit on what I am talking about here (and what Sean is going through).  Basically I just try to be open minded about other brands and sometimes even (GASP!) store brands.  That brings about another interesting point about coupons: sometimes even with a coupon, the store brand is a better deal.


May the force be with you too…


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