Truer words…



It’s official…

…winter is so over!  When I started my DS over lunch to play a little Animal Crossing, I was surprised to see that all the snow was gone from the ground and the trees.  My little town looks so lush and green now – what a change!  I was excited to run around and see how different all the fruit looks on the trees and the flowers on the ground.  I guess I knew that eventually winter would end in my little electronic world, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.  Bring on the spring!


I’ve been Tagging!

For whatever reason, I never have really used tags on this blog.  It is pretty stupid too because I use them when I read other blogs.  So I went through and tagged all of the posts I have written since I moved to Word Press.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to go back and tag all my Blogger posts yet – maybe someday…

My sister has always harassed me about my poor organization in this respect.  Generally, I am a pretty organized person.  This is a pretty good example.  From time to time, though, I let stuff slide.  One example of that was my Meizu music player.  I used to have tons of music on it, but no grouping or organization at all.  I was just pulling the music on using the “drag and drop” method, but I wasn’t adding info to the music tracks like album, artist, etc. so the songs were all over the place.  I remember my sister wanted to borrow it to pull some songs off, but she ended up giving it right back to me with attitude about the organization.  I kept meaning to fix it…  A quote comes to my mind at this moment, something about good intentions and the path to hell…


Currently playing…

I ordered a few new games recently, which is rare for me, but they were the same price or cheaper than Goozex so I thought I would go for it.  Little did I know that several of the games in my queue would be matched in such quick succession.  This windfall has left me with 3 games currently at home and 4 on the way.  I hardly know what to do with myself!  In addition, I am still engrossed in Animal Crossing – I have daily business to attend to if I want my turnips futures to materialize.

Anyway, I got down to business last night and started Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.  The story is a little strange and the nurse has huge…tracks of land, but the game play is awesome.  They even use complex medical terms, so I feel like I am learning something.  Patients are brought in to the OR and you are directed by the nurse to cut, excise, suture, and bandage.  Sometimes you even get to use the defibrillator!  Needless to say I was saying “stat!” to Sean a lot last night.  So far it is a lot of fun, which is good because the original Under the Knife should be arriving in the mail next week.  I just hope my vast medical experience doesn’t artificially inflate my ego.  It would be embarrassing to make a statement at work along the lines of, “Don’t you know that I performed surgery on children in war-torn Africa, I deserve more respect!”


There goes my day…

It is a Woot-off today, so I haven’t gotten much done beyond pressing F5.  Sad, I know.


Animal Crossing Insight

I stumbled across two articles about AC the other day and I think they are pretty insightful and interesting.  One is here, and the follow up is here.  I have found that I feel the same way the author does about my little animals.  In fact I convinced one of my favorite little dogs, Daisy, to stay in town after she told me she would be moving the other day.  I mean, she is already wearing my shirt and everything…


New Friend?

I might get a new Animal Crossing friend!  One of my co-workers has a 13 year old daughter who plays AC and he is going to try to set her up online so we can meet up.

On another AC note, I really need to get in on the turnip futures because there is very little money in seashells and native fruit…


…turnips are where the real money is!

The fog…

…is clearing!  I have been dragging around a sinus infection/cold since last Friday and I feel like it is fnally breaking.  What a relief!  One of my favorite co-workers gave me some Advil Cold & Sinus and it is really working wonders.  I think the cold was on the decline anyway since I got my energy back last night and finally cleaned our trashed kitchen.  You know I am sick when the kitchen is dirty all weekend because that is not like me at all!  I may stop at the store and pick up some of that Advil since it worked so well for me.  My normal Dayquil was just not doing it for me for some reason.

Currently loving…

I am lovin’ me some Cetaphil lately.

First the boring storey: I had to replace my daily facial moisturizer recently and the Neutrogena stuff I normally buy was not on sale and I was not feeling it for almost $13.  I looked around the skin care aisle at Target a bit to assess my options.  After reading the labels of a few contenders, I was not satisfied with what I was finding.  I think that what I require is pretty basic – I need SPF, fragrance free, and oil-free/non-greasy.  I also don’t want to pay a fortune.  Is that so much to ask?  Just as I was about to give up and resort to the usual Neutrogena, which is not awful, but could be better, I noticed something different.  Way down near the floor I saw that Cetaphil had an SPF face lotion.  I hadn’t noticed it before (I replace my facial lotion pretty infrequently because I use so little each day).  I took a look at the label and it met all of my requirements – plus it was only $9 instead of the $13 for Neutrogena.  Well I was pretty proud of the deal I scored, but still a little apprehensive about how well is would work.  My skin is super dry right out of the shower and super oily by midday, so I have always struggled to find the right product for my face.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, to find that the Cetaphil lotion goes on very light and soaks in pretty quickly (making it easy to wear under makeup) and it didn’t make my face a greasy mess by the end of the day.  Hooray!


Now for the much more entertaining story: I recently started reading Dooce.  I am not sure if I have just been living under a rock, or what, but I had never seen the site before.  So I have been reading through old posts to sort of get caught up on this site.  So, today while I was reading it at lunch, I came across this post about Cetaphil face wash.  I was chuckling about the ejaculatory comparison when it occurred to me that my beloved Costco had just sent me a coupon book (my faves) and inside said coupon book was one for Cetaphil.  Well I have also been in need of a better face wash.  The L’Oreal stuff we have been using smells too floraly and has been drying out my skin like no-body’s business (it was free, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to pitch it, okay?).  So I chatted Sean and told him I wanted to go to Costco tonight.  This is pretty much how that chat went:

Me: Can we run up to Costco tonight?

Sean: We were just there, what could you possibly need?

Me: Things.

Sean: What things?

Me: Important things.

It ended up that Sean had to work late tonight anyway, so I went up there by myself (which I haven’t done in forever, btw) and got my Cetaphil Semen Face Wash – and you know what, she was right!

Sad Weimaraner

Norman is sad because his Dad is not home from work yet…


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