So Simple It’s Funny

This site’s simplicity is its genius.

Wall Street



Currently Loving…

I love this site!  It is a collection of actual photos that appear in Real Estate Listings with funny commentary by the author.  Hilarious!

This is a great recent example…

For the ladies

“Large Games room – currently used for Pole Dancing Fitness Classes.” I believe you; millions wouldn’t.


Currently Watching…

I am watching “The Tudors” right now and I really like it even though they are taking a lot of liberties  – duh…


I just finished the book “The Innocent Traitor” about Lady Jane Grey.  She was born about the time that Henry VIII was older and declining.  It was a really good book and made me really feel sorry for her – what a pawn.  I have always been interested in British Royalty, especially of that time period so it won’t surprise anyone who knows me that I am liking “The Tudors”.

…just another reason I should have been British.

The Evolution of Coupon Organization

I made a minor change to my coupon organizer.  I went to the Container Store while I was in St. Louis for work (we don’t have one around here) and I found these nice plastic index card dividers that I thought would work much better than the 4 x 6 index cards I had made up originally.  It was one of those things where you don’t realize how bad it was until you improve it.  I cannot believe the difference!  It has made filing and finding my coupons so much easier.  I can see all of the categories in a glance.  Major upgrade!

See for yourself..


For reference, here is what it looked like before.  Now we better hurry up and get a Container Store around here so I can move right in…

I found a cool bug!

I spotted this guy on the grassy plant in my urn out front.  I almost missed him because he blended in so well.


Can you spot him?  He looks leafy to me…


I got some different angles so you can see him better.


I love bugs, but not snakes!

Funny, I don’t feel any different…

Well, my 27th birthday came and went yesterday and I don’t feel as different as I thought I would.  I was expecting to be said at the prospect of getting closer to 30, but life just carries on and I am not dwelling.  I had a great weekend (plus off-Friday) so I really have no complaints.  I even got the new Hallmark Singing Snowmen, which is my birthday tradition.  Sean rolls his eyes, but I love them – whatevs.

I got all my craft stuff organized, so I hope to make some new things and post about them very soon.

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