Decorating Wisdom

I am a firm believer that editing is the best (and cheapest) decorating tool.


Etsy Find

I found a super cute store on Etsy a while back that sells handmade dog collars.  Their models are Weims and they donate a portion of sales to a Weimaraner Rescue – perfect for me, huh?  I ordered a collar for Norm and it is way nicer than the ones you can buy at the pet store, but the price is about the same.  You just pick out your colors/patterns and send your measurements.  I was having trouble finding collars for Norm that fit right.  I wanted the 1″ width, but I didn’t need it to be 24″ long, so I always had to adjust the length such that the collar was basically doubled up all the way around.  That was not acceptable.  The Mod Dog had the perfect solution – custom length and super cute patterns to choose from.  Norm is much too handsome to wear some crummy ill-fitting collar from Petco, besides I stopped shopping there since I don’t agree with their policies regarding the health of their live animals.

Nothing is too good for my baby!

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