I am a little slow…

I discovered price adjustments today!

I was at Target last week – quelle surprise – and I bought a new laptop bag for work as you may already know.  Well, I noticed in the Sunday sale flier that all Merona work bags were going on sale for $26.99 – I had paid $29.99.  I thought I would take my receipt with me when I went over there last night and see if they could do anything for me.  Sure enough when I asked at the CS counter if they could give me the difference, the nice lady said that they offer price adjustments with receipts within 14 days of purchase.  Imagine my happiness!  So I walked away with my money in my pocket and did my shopping.  As I was browsing through the clothing, I discovered that the chinos I had bought last week for work were now $19.99, down from $22.99.  So after I had checked out, I went back up to the service counter to claim my adjustments on the pants as well.  All in all, I left with almost $10 back in adjustments.  Hooray!  Coupons are great, but it really pays to watch the sale fliers for things you have recently purchased.  It was definitely worth a few minutes of my time to snag $10 back from Target.  Thank you Target – I love you even more now, if that is possible.


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