It’s Contagious!

My sister came over today and she caught the coupon bug.  She has been hearing me talk about CVSing lately and all the swag I get for next to nothing.  So we were sitting in the living room just chatting about shoes and nail polish, you know, girl stuff.  And that is when she asks me, “So, can you explain to me how the whole CVS thing works?”  I lept at the chance to explain ECBs and couponing.  She left with my old coupon organizer and the money saving knowledge that only a sister (and can pass on.  I’m just spreadin’ the love, one coupon clipper at a time…


One thought on “It’s Contagious!

  1. Hey, I like a good deal as much as the next girl. I got my CVS extra care card tonight after work, and I’m going to clip coupons tomorrow! 😉

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