New Coupon Organizer

I upgraded my coupon organizer today and I am really liking the new system.  I haven’t taken it to the store yet, though, so we will see how it goes.

Here is what I was using before:

Here is what I am using now:

What I had before was fine, but it was getting to be hard to close and I didn’t have very many tabs so my coupons were in broad categories which made it take longer to find the ones I needed.  Sean has no stamina for shopping, so he loses patience pretty quickly when I am rummaging around for coupons.  I used a spare Longaberger basket (I think it’s a Mini Market basket) that I had around from my consultant days.  It was a freebie (and not worth much on eBay) and I just had it stored in the top of the closet, so I figured I would make good use of it.  It should be pretty easy to fit it in the front of the cart where I can readily see the categories.

From what I saw online, most serious couponers use large zippered binders with clear sheet protector or pocket pages, which to me seems neither attractive nor compact.  It also seems like it would be tricky to balance a large zippered binder in the front of the cart and be able to flip through the pages.  I like the idea of a small box-type organizer that stands up on its own and has a wide enough opening to allow you to flip through what you have.  I guess if mine gets really jam packed I will have to sort something else out.

The other thing I did was create a special “Checkout” tab in the front for the coupons that I intend to use at the register.  I didn’t have a slot left empty in my old organizer so I had nowhere to put the coupons that I intended to use at that store.  I used to just put them in my pocket or try to tuck them under something in the cart so they wouldn’t fly away, so I really needed a better solution for this.

The last new addition is a pen and a calculator – lots of room in my new organizer!

I got some great ideas from here and here.

…now if I could just get my recipes organized this well.


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