I am a little slow…

I discovered price adjustments today!

I was at Target last week – quelle surprise – and I bought a new laptop bag for work as you may already know.  Well, I noticed in the Sunday sale flier that all Merona work bags were going on sale for $26.99 – I had paid $29.99.  I thought I would take my receipt with me when I went over there last night and see if they could do anything for me.  Sure enough when I asked at the CS counter if they could give me the difference, the nice lady said that they offer price adjustments with receipts within 14 days of purchase.  Imagine my happiness!  So I walked away with my money in my pocket and did my shopping.  As I was browsing through the clothing, I discovered that the chinos I had bought last week for work were now $19.99, down from $22.99.  So after I had checked out, I went back up to the service counter to claim my adjustments on the pants as well.  All in all, I left with almost $10 back in adjustments.  Hooray!  Coupons are great, but it really pays to watch the sale fliers for things you have recently purchased.  It was definitely worth a few minutes of my time to snag $10 back from Target.  Thank you Target – I love you even more now, if that is possible.


My Favorite Room (Bathroom Remodel)

We are almost completely finished with the bathroom remodel.  All that is left to be done is the trim painting.  It is cleaned and ready for use now and I couldn’t be happier!  I am really glad we chose to change the color.  It used to be a bright baby blue, but we dialed it down a notch and went with a very light blue/grey instead.  It just feels more grown-up and sophisticated now.  The new tile is great and will be much easier to clean.  Also, the tile on the floor won’t show dog hair, or my hair for that matter.  We decided to go with a textured tile on the floor which will also be more slip resistant when wet – bonus!  I think that my favorite new additions are the shelves we had put in the shower.  They look great and keep everything organized – much better than suction cup buckets for the shampoo bottles!

Take a look…

Now that I think about it, maybe the curved shower curtain rod is my new favorite.  …or maybe the new contoured tub with built-in backrest…

His Brother’s Keeper

I just made arrangements for us to go visit a potential brother for Norman.  There is a male Weimaraner at the rescue where we adopted Norm.  His name is Max and he sounds like Norm’s twin.  He is a big boy who loves to snuggle and play – sound familiar?  His foster mom says he gets a little nervous in the car, but other than that he is pretty good.  I am wondering how Norm will react to having another dog in the house.  He may have to get used to sharing the “baby” title with another furry friend.  We will see how it goes…

Raisin’ the Bar

I got a raise at work last week, so I treated myself to a new laptop/work bag.  I fell in love with it at Target – surprise!  It was only $30, which is a reasonably inexpensive reward for all my hard work…at work.  I just finished filling it with all my goodies (cables, chargers, travel mouse, etc.)  I may even be able to fit my lunch bag in it!  It is certainly more stylish than the standard issue Dell laptop bag.

It looks black in the picture, but is actually a really deep eggplant color – yum!

It just occurred to me that there might be some sort of purple conspiracy brewing.  I just painted my nails a lovely deep shade of purple – hmm…

P.S. More to come on the nail polish.

It’s Contagious!

My sister came over today and she caught the coupon bug.  She has been hearing me talk about CVSing lately and all the swag I get for next to nothing.  So we were sitting in the living room just chatting about shoes and nail polish, you know, girl stuff.  And that is when she asks me, “So, can you explain to me how the whole CVS thing works?”  I lept at the chance to explain ECBs and couponing.  She left with my old coupon organizer and the money saving knowledge that only a sister (and MoneySavingMom.com) can pass on.  I’m just spreadin’ the love, one coupon clipper at a time…

I love Target!

There is a good deal on Kashi products at Target – ending today.  If you buy any 4 items you get a $5 gift card, plus most of the items are on sale as well.  There are some coupons out there, but I was not able to track them all down before I ran over to Target.  I got 2 boxes of bars, two boxes of crackers and 8 boxes of frozen waffles – that means $15 in Target gift cards.  Hooray!

While I was there I also found some frozen pizza on clearance.  Sean likes that for when I am out of town.

And as if that all wasn’t enough, the gods were smiling down on me today because I scored the blue fish that I have been coveting all summer.  He was clearanced and I snagged him like it was my job.

The coveted fish found a new home in my living room.  Certainly that is much more appealing than the dish aisle at Target.  I’ve done my good deed for the day.

Currently Watching…

I have been watching Keen Eddie on DVD lately.  It was a short TV series that ran on Bravo I believe.  I caught it a few times there and then it totally disappeared.  I really liked it though, so I was able to track it down on Netflix and watch the whole series.  It is about an American detective who ends up working for Scotland Yard.  It is styled like a Guy Ritchie movie with strong sexual under-and over-tones.  Check it out..

So, about those obsessions…

Since my blog is called “Transient Obsessions”, I thought I should list my current obsessions.  In no special order, they are:

  • Lime Green
  • Home Design
  • Couponing/CVSing
  • Tiki
  • Bento/Laptop Lunches
  • Photography
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Potentially Blogging for Money
  • Garage-Saling

These will change of course, hence the blog title, but there you have it.

Dog Swim ’08

It is that time again, so we took Norm to the doggie social event of the year…  He isn’t much of a swimmer – more of a wader, but he had a great time anyway…

There were more people than last year, so there were lots of packs running around together.

It was a beautiful day and Norm was pooped out by the time we got home (he also had a jog earlier in the day).  I hope they keep doing it because I think it is a really fun idea!

New Coupon Organizer

I upgraded my coupon organizer today and I am really liking the new system.  I haven’t taken it to the store yet, though, so we will see how it goes.

Here is what I was using before:

Here is what I am using now:

What I had before was fine, but it was getting to be hard to close and I didn’t have very many tabs so my coupons were in broad categories which made it take longer to find the ones I needed.  Sean has no stamina for shopping, so he loses patience pretty quickly when I am rummaging around for coupons.  I used a spare Longaberger basket (I think it’s a Mini Market basket) that I had around from my consultant days.  It was a freebie (and not worth much on eBay) and I just had it stored in the top of the closet, so I figured I would make good use of it.  It should be pretty easy to fit it in the front of the cart where I can readily see the categories.

From what I saw online, most serious couponers use large zippered binders with clear sheet protector or pocket pages, which to me seems neither attractive nor compact.  It also seems like it would be tricky to balance a large zippered binder in the front of the cart and be able to flip through the pages.  I like the idea of a small box-type organizer that stands up on its own and has a wide enough opening to allow you to flip through what you have.  I guess if mine gets really jam packed I will have to sort something else out.

The other thing I did was create a special “Checkout” tab in the front for the coupons that I intend to use at the register.  I didn’t have a slot left empty in my old organizer so I had nowhere to put the coupons that I intended to use at that store.  I used to just put them in my pocket or try to tuck them under something in the cart so they wouldn’t fly away, so I really needed a better solution for this.

The last new addition is a pen and a calculator – lots of room in my new organizer!

I got some great ideas from here and here.

…now if I could just get my recipes organized this well.

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