New Blog & Spring Cleaning

I found a new blog that I like. It was linked on Unclutterer which I read daily now. It is called 43 Folders. It goes along with my new obsession with purging and organizing. I am determined to dig myself out of all my clutter! While working from home yesterday I made significant progress. I can always manage to fill a trash bag if I just walk around the house for about 30 minutes. I cleaned out two kitchen drawers and Sean’s nightstand drawer as well as a few junk baskets around the house. I realize the the root of the problem is the fact that I have junk baskets, but I have to put my beloved Longaberger baskets somewhere… Speaking of Longaberger, I finally pitched all of the residual sales consultant material that I had been holding on to for years now. It felt really good to be free of all of it (1 bag full). Now I have some extra room to store the board games in the closet instead of on the floor in a pile. The other fun thing I did was cut that rubbery drawer-liner stuff to fit the two kitchen drawers I cleaned out – what a difference! Now the stuff doesn’t just slide back and forth each time the drawer is opened and closed – hooray for small pleasures! Wait, maybe that is what my blog should be called…

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