New Blog & Spring Cleaning

I found a new blog that I like. It was linked on Unclutterer which I read daily now. It is called 43 Folders. It goes along with my new obsession with purging and organizing. I am determined to dig myself out of all my clutter! While working from home yesterday I made significant progress. I can always manage to fill a trash bag if I just walk around the house for about 30 minutes. I cleaned out two kitchen drawers and Sean’s nightstand drawer as well as a few junk baskets around the house. I realize the the root of the problem is the fact that I have junk baskets, but I have to put my beloved Longaberger baskets somewhere… Speaking of Longaberger, I finally pitched all of the residual sales consultant material that I had been holding on to for years now. It felt really good to be free of all of it (1 bag full). Now I have some extra room to store the board games in the closet instead of on the floor in a pile. The other fun thing I did was cut that rubbery drawer-liner stuff to fit the two kitchen drawers I cleaned out – what a difference! Now the stuff doesn’t just slide back and forth each time the drawer is opened and closed – hooray for small pleasures! Wait, maybe that is what my blog should be called…

Raptors in the Garden

I read this blog the other day and was inspired to make my own terrarium. It took me a while to gather all the things I needed, but in the process I found a neat little greenhouse in Plymouth where I bought all my plants. Sean helped me pick out the dinosaurs, and informed me of the killing methods they all used – lovely…


I am determined to get our possessions under control after watching this video…

POSSESSED from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

More Japanese Shopping

My sister and I went on a Japanese shopping spree right here in Southeastern Michigan last Saturday. We started out at Koyama Shoten up in Livonia. I had been there before, but Piper hadn’t. It is a pretty good store with lots of confounding packaging. After Koyama, we headed up to Mirai and One World Market in Novi. The Novi stores were yet undiscovered by us, and we were pleasantly surprised. Mirai is full of magazines on topics that I could not begin to describe. Thankfully they sell things I can understand, and appreciate. Cell phone charms and Hello Kitty for example. I am sucker for cute cell phone charms. Just about everything small and electronic has a charm tied to it. It is beyond my husband’s comprehension. I also love Japanese pens and pencils and those were in no short supply.

One World Market is essentially just a Japanese grocery store with limited housewares. I found a lovely tea mug. I also found sprouts! They come in a small square container with the roots still connected so they last longer than cut sprouts – fantastic!

I’m Wireless

Welcome to the 21st century! I am composing this post from my living room (where there are no Ethernet jack). I am so ridiculously excited to sit wherever I want to surf the web. I feel so free! I can now sit in my living room and use the internet while I watch TV. It is the ultimate in sensory overload and I love it! More on this later…

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