It Was Better Online…

I just bought Paolo Nutini’s album and I love it! The funny thing is that I found a live performance of “Last Request” on that I like way better than the version on the CD. Go figure…


I’ve been Pouncing!

Ever since I read this post on Betz White’s blog, I have been Pouncing away on Etsy. I found all kinds of cool stuff. I bought a really cool pop-art Weimaraner watercolor by the same artist that painted two other ones I already own. I also found a lady who makes funky custom dog collars, so one of those is on it’s way as well. I will post a pic of Norm in his new collar once it comes. I might even post a pic of the watercolor once I find a good frame for it. I have to go – there are lots more uncovered treasures out there!

Seven Lucky Gods

I got a new charm for my cell phone, and just in time too since my old one just broke last week. My brother-in-law works for a Japanese company and he was given the charm as a gift from a visiting colleague. He isn’t much for cell phone charms, but he knew I would like it. Yea!

Bonus Time!

I got my annual raise at work today and it was much above the average amount. That makes me very happy! On top of that I received a bonus, which also makes me very happy. I am feeling really good about moving to a new department at work – it has made such a difference in my happiness. I am not nearly as bored as I used to be. Hooray for bonus time (not just at Clinique)!

Laptop Lunches

I am posting to this Flickr group now. I have been making Laptop Lunches for a while now, but I finally got my act together and put the camera in the kitchen so I remember to take pics of them. I guess this demonstrates that I am still in to lunch packing. It turns out to not be such a transient obsession after all. Maybe I need to rethink the blog name.

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