Time Flies

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted here. Maybe I got over the blog craze. The funny thing is that now I feel an obligation to keep this up because my normal tendancy is to be pretty fickle. I am the type of person who gets in to something and does it obsessively until I am sick of it. I never completely abandon anything, but it is usually a long time before I get back to it.

New developments since last post:

I got fish. I got a cute little aquarium and a few little brightly colored fish to live in it. Norman thinks that I got the fish just for him because he sits and watches them swim around. I have never really had fish, but had always heard people professing the relaxing qualities that aquariums possess. I don’t know if I feel much more relazed since getting the fish, but I do enjoy watching them. The little Neons that I got have a complex little hierarchy being developed.

My dad got married. This was an important and complicated development of late. I have never had such strongly mixed emotions in my life. It felt very strange to watch my dad get married, but at the same time I was so glad to see him happy again. I think my dad deserves to be happy more than most people I know because of how he took care of my mom while she was dying. I will be forever grateful to him for making sure that she could die at home like she wanted. My stepmom is great and I am truly happy for them both.

Sean and I had a wedding reception. It seems strange that we got married last year, and had a reception this year, but I have never know us to be much for tradition. I think that most of the people in attendance had a good time. When I think about it now, I am glad that we had a reception, but I am not sure that we made the exact right choice. I have moments where I think that we did exactly the right thing. I also have moments when I regret not having a traditional wedding with a bog white dress and walking down the aisle and a big tiered cake. I might never be able to say that I have no regrets about how we did it, but I can certainly say that I will never regret marrying Sean.

I think that about brings us up to speed on major events.

I have read some great books lately. One of them being “The World is Flat”. I learned more from that book than I have from any book in a long time. I almost want to say that they should teach that kind of stuff in school. I don’t think that very many Americans truly understand the effects of globalization. I just have to laugh when people talk about buying American to suport American jobs. Soon there will be no such thing, and as a global society, we will all be better off for it.


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